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Product no.: 3257

de l'Isle, Guillaume (1675-1726): Carte d’Amerique...

Product no.: 3254

Homann, Johann Baptista (1664 - 1724): Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis...

Product no.: 2890

Art Deco - Original Design.

Product no.: 3299

Levasseur, Victor (fl mid- 1800's): Oceanie

Product no.: 3301

Cook, James: Carte de la Nle. Galles Merid. ou de la Cote Orientale de la Nle. Hollande Decouverte et Visitee par le Lieutenant J. Cook Commandant de l'Endeavour, Vaisseau de sa Majeste en 1770

Product no.: 3294

Weller, Edward (1891-1884):  New South Wales

Product no.: 3298

SDUK (Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge): The Australian Colonies

Product no.: 3283

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas (1703-1772): Carte De La Californie d'Apres les obserations le plus exactes Pour servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages.

Product no.: 3258

Jaillot, Alexis-Hubert: Amerique septentrionale divisee en ses principales parties,...Par le s. Sanson ...

Product no.: 3261

People's Publishing Cc.:  California

Product no.: 3255

Weekly Dispatch Atlas: California, Utah, Lr. California and New Mexico.

Product no.: 3317

Gillray, John (1756 - 1815): Nature display'd, shewing the effect of the change of the seasons on the ladies garden.

Product no.: 3248

Valk, Gerard (1652-1726) & Schenk, Peter (1661-1711): Chili

Product no.: 3249

Homann Heirs, (fl. from 1730 - ):  Typus Geographicus Chili a Paraguay Freti Magellanici &c....

Product no.: 3310

Hawks, Francis L.: Macao from Penha Hill.

Product no.: 3289

La Harpe, Jean-Francois de  (1739-1803): Monuments dans l’Isle de Paques.

Product no.: 3290

Petermann, Augustus (1822 - 1878): Karte von Hawaii mit Benutzung der Daten von F.Birgham...

Product no.: 3314

Hawks, Francis L.: View of Hakodadi from Snow Peak.

Product no.: 3315

Hawks, Francis L.: Hakodadi from Telegraph Hill.

Product no.: 3313

Hawks, Francis L.: View from Webster Isld., Yedo Bay.

Product no.: 3316

Virtue, J.S. & Co. Ltd.: Tokio and its Bay.

Product no.: 3284

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas (1703-1772): Carte de la Louisiane et Pays Voisins...

Product no.: 3282

Bonne, Rigobert (1727 - 1795): Carte de la Louisiane et de la Floride.

Product no.: 3264

Meyer's Grosser Zeitungs-Atlas:  Neueste Karte von Louisiana...

Product no.: 3265

Hinton, Isaac Taylor:   Map of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont

Product no.: 3263

Mitchell, Samuel Augustus: Plan of Baltimore.

Product no.: 2612

Ruet after Meissonier: Napoleon

Product no.: 3182

Hinton, Isaac Taylor:  Map of the State New York with part of Upper Canada

Product no.: 3296

Archer, John:  New Zealand

Product no.: 3295

Letts's Popular Atlas: Statistical Map of New Zealand

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