Cartographical Curiosities

Cartographical Curiosities

Cartographical Curiosities

A selection of Map Curiosities from Cigarette Cards to Waistcoat Maps.

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Product no.: 3046

Europe - Satirical Map - Pictorial Map - Raemakers

Product no.: 2690

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.:  Austro-Hungary  

Product no.: 2692

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.: China  

Product no.: 2696

Stone, R.H.:Penny Waistcoat Pocket Map of London  

Product no.: 2693

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.:  Mississippi 

Product no.: 2471

Accurata Utopiae Tabula...Schlaraffenlandes... by Johann Baptista Homann (1664-1724)

Product no.: 2691

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co. Sandwich Islands 

Product no.: 2694

Royal Astronomical Society: Pear's Star Chart of the Northern Hemisphere  

Product no.: 2592

Barclay's Bank:  World Map Territorial Distribution of the Barclay’s Group 

Product no.: 2469

Iconic portrait of two of the most prolific mapmakers of the Golden Age, by Coletta van der Keere.

Product no.: 2714

Small map of the Belvoir Hunt.

Product no.: 2713

Small map of the Windsor Hunt.

Product no.: 2798

Caricature map. 

Product no.: 2875

Geographical fantasy map by Matthaeus Seutter.

Product no.: 2707

Rare map of Sandown Race Course 

Product no.: 2708

Rare map of Ascot Race Course. 

Product no.: 3266

Coronelli, Father Vincenzo (1650-1718): n.t. [Florida, Great Lakes - Globe Gore]