Antique World Maps from 16th to early 20th century.

A selection of antique maps of the World from van der Aa to Zatta.

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Product no.: 3022

World - Double Hemispheres - Polar Projection - Keizer: II Schuine Ronde Aard-Bolle waar van t’Middelpunt is Amsterdam... together with II Schuine  Ronde Aard-Bolle waar van t’Middelpunt is Parys... 

Product no.: 2678

World - Mercator’s Projection - Bacon

Product no.: 2474 S/A

Philips' Authentic Imperial Maps for Tourists & Travellers: Mercator World. by George Philip & Son Ltd.

Product no.: 2437

Grossbritannien's saemmtliche Besitzungen mit Angabe ihrer Erwerbungszeit. [Great Britain's entire Possessions with the Dates of their Annexation] from Karl von Spruner's Historicher Atlas.

Product no.: 1616

Janvier, Jean Denis (Robert) (fl. mid - late 18th c): Mappe Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre...

Product no.: 1618
Walch, Johann (1757 - 1824): Mappa Totius Mundi...per G. de Lisle...apud Ioannem officina Ioann. Martin Will.
Product no.: 1615
Bodenehr family (early 1700): Carta Hydrographica oder Algemeine Welt und Commercien Carte...
Product no.: 1619
de Pretot, Etienne Andre Philippe (1708 - 1787): Le Globe Terrestre. Vu en convexe par les deux Poles, l?Equateur servant d?horison. 1769.
Product no.: 2351
Geographical Jigsaw Puzzle.
Product no.: 3087

World - Double Hemisphere: Weltkarte .

Product no.: 2606

Rare map of evangelical missions across the World. 

Product no.: 2796

2 maps of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Product no.: 3021

World - Double Hemispheres -  Keizer, Jacob/ De Lat, Jan: De Nieuwe en Ouden, Oppervlakkeen Doorzigkundige Aardrykes Bollen.... 

Product no.: 3029

World - Double Hemisphere - Keizer: Kaart van de Twee platte Warelds Bollen.... 

Product no.: 3030

World - Mercator's Projection - Keizer:  Kaart van de Twee platte Warelds Bollen...