Geographical fantasy map - Seutter.

Geographical fantasy map - Seutter.

Product no.: 2875

Seutter, Matthaeus (1678 - c. 1757): Geographical fantasy map:  Charte worauf in einem Begriff und Anblick alle Naturliche und Kunst-Termini oder Wörter benenet....// Mappa Geographiae Naturalis sive Tabella Synoptica... 

Seutter Augsburg 1730 

copper engraved map with original colouring; plate size 50 x 56 cm.

engraved and published by Seutter; a very unusual map, demonstrating cartographic terms, symbols and depictions of landforms.

 fold as issued; some major tears expertly repaired with repair paper on verso visible; green showing through; c’fold re-inforced; on verso: hand written annotation; o/w g cond. 

[ref: 2875 ] 

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