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Europe - Pictorial Map - Satirical Map - Propaganda Map - Raemakers

Product no.: 3046

Raemaekers, Louis: Europe - Satirical Propaganda WWI map: Het Gekkenhuis (Oud Liedje, Nieuwe Wijs) [The Lunatic asylum: Old song, new tune] 
Senefelder Amsterdam 1915 

colour printed map; overall size 44 x 57 cm; plate size 40 x 52 cm.

A very interesting and less common satirical map of WWI by famous Dutch cartoonist Louis Raemaekers who, at the beginning of the war, had first hand experience of the cruelty of war which compelled him to create anti-German cartoons. These depicted such poignnat criticism of Germany that the German government demanded of the Dutch to put Raemaekers on trial for compromising Dutch neutrality. Raemaeker was forced to leave the Netherlands and settled in  London where he continued his work and produced hundreds of political cartoons.

Europe at war: whilst all across Europe a war is raging amongst the various countries, the Netherlands, depicted by a man in a bowler hat, is sitting smoking a pipe but holding a gun in his hand, observing the chaos around him. All the countries are depicted as men except for the Sweden and Norway who are watching with interest, and Sicily and Sardinia who are turned towards each other and are showing no interest at all in the fighting around them.

folds as issued; some markings; o/w vg cond.

The title of this map translates roughly as: "The Insane Asylum (Old Song, New Tune)" referring to Holland's perspective of the war waging around them. Although Holland is depicted sitting peacefully, smoking a pipe, he is holding a gun and keeps an ever-watchful eye on his neighbor. In contrast, Portugal and Spain are embroiled in their own affairs, ignoring the unrest around them. France and Germany are engaged in a fist-fight, while the British Isles are depicted as a strong, fierce Highlander. Italy and a giant Russia appear to be playing tug-of-war with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After declaring itself neutral at the onset of the war, the Ottoman Empire accepted military support from Germany, causing the Allies to declare war on the Ottoman Empire. The situation caused disorder within the Empire, which is cleverly depicted here with a Turk cutting his own throat with a sword stamped "Made in Germany." Each country is cleverly depicted as a human figure - all of which are male except for the gentle Norway and Sweden and the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Published by Senefelder. Issued in brown paper wrappers. 

Issued folding with several fold separations that have been closed on verso with archival materials. Covers show very minor wear. A bright, clean example.

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