India - Silk Handkerchief

India - Silk Handkerchief

Product no.: 3616

anon: India Present

anon. Japan c1916 (according to inscription)

printed on silk; overall size 33,5 x 33,5 cm. edges pasted down onto card board; 2 large and 1 small holes but not affecting image; some old folds; o/w good cond.

We are very pleased to present this rather unusually printed silk map of India and Sri Lanka. Below the map, embroidered with white and coloured threads is the inscription ‘India Present’ and the flags of Great Britain and the White Ensign/ Vessels of War. Below the map is printed ‘Made in Japan’. The handkerchief was previously framed and on the back of the frame was a note scribbled ‘ Xmas 1916, To remember the great war’. A very interesting collector’s piece!   

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