Map Fair 2019

Map Fair 2019

Map Fair 2019


Dear Map Enthusiast,

in time for the London Map Fair at the Royal Geographical Society

on Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th June 2019,

please see our short catalogue of some of our recent acquisitions.

For more information or photographs about any of the items in the catalogue, please contact Angelika  today.

All items are for sale, subject to availability.
Usual T&C’s apply. Prices are exclusive of postage.

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Product no.: 3949

Extremely rare view of Adelaide!

Product no.: 3947

Very rare map of Ceuta!

Product no.: 3991

Manuscript map of the American Continent.

Product no.: 4399

Map of the American continent with Explorer Portraits by de Bry/ Benzoni

Product no.: 3788

Rare Ottoman Pocket Atlas.

Product no.: 3957

A collection of maps from a rare Ottoman School atlas!

Product no.: 3999

A charming pictorial atlas of the British Isles.

Product no.: 3955

A very rare relief atlas!

Product no.: 4381

Jesuit Map of Western Micronesia

Product no.: 3950

Geological and Political Map of Australia.

Product no.: 3919

Attractive view of Bombay/ Mumbai.

Product no.: 3924

2-sheet map of Burma/ Myanmar.

Product no.: 4376

California as an Island by Doncker.

Product no.: 3946

Rare complete copy of the 1st French edition of this popular astronomical work!

Product no.: 4392

Extremely rare board game map of the Gulf Coast and Mexico.

Product no.: 3956

A rare pictorial map of Peking by Frank Dorn.

Product no.: 4414

Unusual map of Eastern Europe by Fries.

Product no.: 3975

Attractive folding map of Edinburgh and Leith.

Product no.: 3979

1st edition of Speed’s iconic map!

Product no.: 3931

A set of 4 Fashion Pochoirs by Bady.

Product no.: 4377

The Le Moyne Map of the South East

Product no.: 3938

Rare Geographical Board Game!

Product no.: 3952

Folding map of India with signature of Lady Duff-Gordon

Product no.: 2579

Rare map of Ireland.

Product no.: 3848

Korea - Vandermaelen

Product no.: 3937

Rare plan of Great Grimsby.

Product no.: 3953

Geological map of the environs of London by Stanford.

Product no.: 4373

Goos' map of New York and New England.

Product no.: 4271

Beautiful map of North America by Hondius/Jansson.

Product no.: 3936

Rare map of the Philippines by Commelin.

1 - 30 of 45 results