A selection of map s and views of Ireland.

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Product no.: 1845

SDUK (Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge) Ireland Dublin

Product no.: 2440

Carte du Royaume Unis d'Irlande by L'Abbe Delaporte (1714 - 1779)

Product no.: 3963

Very decorative map of Ireland by Homann.

Product no.: 2962

GB - Ireland - Seale: A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland. 

Product no.: 2964

GB - Ireland - Seale:  A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland. 

Product no.: 3965

Ireland, St.George's Channel and West coast of Scotland, England and Wales from Universal Magazine.

Product no.: 3966

Ireland by Tirion.

Product no.: 2579

Rare map of Ireland.

Product no.: 1009
A map from the last decorative atlas of the Victorian era.
Product no.: 3964

Northern Ireland by von Reilly.