Pictorial Maps

Pictorial Maps

Pictorial Maps

Pictorial maps are a category of maps that, in contrast to the regular sheet maps, depict a given area with emphasis on the artistic rather than technical style. The cartography can be a sophisticated 3-D perspective landscape or a simple map  enhanced with illustrations of buildings, people, plants and animals. Drawn by specialized artists and illustrators, pictorial maps are a rich, centuries-old tradition and a diverse art form that ranges from cartoon maps on restaurant placemats to treasured art prints in museums.

Pictorial maps usually show an area as if viewed from above at an oblique angle. They are not generally drawn to scale in order to show street patterns, individual buildings, and major landscape features in perspective. While regular maps focus on the accurate rendition of distances, pictorial maps enhance landmarks.  With an emphasis on objects and style, these maps cover an artistic spectrum from childlike caricature to spectacular landscape graphic with the better ones being attractive, informative and highly accurate. 


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Product no.: 3803

A rare fruit crate label by Johnston Fruit Co.

Product no.: 3813

Rare pictorial map of Oceania and Australia by Liozu.

Product no.: 3782

Pictorial Map of Riga!​

Product no.: 3956

A rare pictorial map of Peking by Frank Dorn.

Product no.: 3764

A whimsical pictorial map of Europe.

Product no.: 2737

Japan - Kobe - Osaka - Ryushiro Kato/ Keizo Shimada

Product no.: 3652

New Hampshire - White Mountains - National Geographic Magazine

Product no.: 3812

Rare pictorial map of North America with West Indies by Liozu.

Product no.: 3795

Pictorial map of the Philippines by Taylor.

Product no.: 3122

USA - Department of State

Product no.: 3798

Travel the USA by Greyhound!

Product no.: 3796

Pictorial Map of Louisiana by Taylor

Product no.: 3799

Pictorial map of Mississippi by Taylor.

Product no.: 3791

Pictorial map of New York by Taylor.

Product no.: 3792

Pictorial map of Texas by Taylor.

Product no.: 3094

USA - Usa State Department - Pictorial Map

Product no.: 3793

Pictorial map of Washington, DC by Taylor.

Product no.: 3760

A Beautiful Pictorial World Map published for Chocolat Menier!

Product no.: 3814

Rare pictorial map of the World by Liozu.