West Indies

West Indies

West Indies

Antique Views and Antique Maps of the West Indies.

A selection of antique prints and antique maps of the West Inides from the Bahamas to Turk & Caicos.

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Product no.: 3693

Barbados - Bellin

Product no.: 3677

Cuba - Havana - anonymous

Product no.: 3398

Gentleman's Magazine - A Plan of the City and Harbour of Havanna, Capital of the Island of Cuba.

Product no.: 2001

Merian, Matthaeus (1593 - 1650): Abbildung Welcher Gestalt die Spanische Silberflotta von dem Hollandischen General Peter Peters Hayn/ an der Insul Cuba/ in der Baya Matanca Anno 1628 erobert worden.

Product no.: 1659
anon: Havana.
Product no.: 1654
Porcacchi, Tommaso (c1530 - 1585): Spagnuola, 1st edition.
Product no.: 1063
a map from the last decorative atlas of the Victorian Era.
Product no.: 1657
Brion de la Tour,Louis (fl. 1756 - 1803): Isle de la Jamaique
Product no.: 1655
Robert de Vaugondy, family (fl 1731-78): l’Isle de la Martinique
Product no.: 3812

Rare pictorial map of North America with West Indies by Liozu.

Product no.: 1658
anon: View of Roseau, in the Island of Dominica
Product no.: 1656
Robert de Vaugondy, family (fl 1731-78): l’Isle St. Domingue