Polyesia - Islands in the Pacific Ocean Tallis

Polyesia - Islands in the Pacific Ocean Tallis

Product no.: 1065

Tallis, J & F Polynesia, Islands in the Indian Ocean


Tallis London & New York 1851


orig outline col. steel engraved map. 26 x 37 cm. From ?The Illustrated Atlas...?, edited by R.M.Martin ; maps engraved by J.Rapkin; illustrations drawn and engraved by various artists; slightly shaved top margin, o/w vg cond.


This edition has NO centrefold which makes it more desirable for collectors and therefore, demands a slightly higher price than other publications! This map is from the last highly decorative atlas produced in the Victorian era. The map is surrounded by scroll work and depicting various vignettes, showing topographcal views, costumes and customs, and general scenes. In this map, we see: Kalakakooa, Sandwich Islands; Otaheite; Harbour of Dory, New Huinea; Resolution Bay, Marquesas. Sandwich Islands, Low, Society, Friendly Ilands, New Hebrides, New Guinea, part of Australia. [ref: 1065 ]

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