Corsica - Munster

Corsica - Munster

Product no.: 1698

Basle 1544 - 1628

wood cut map; 12 x 8 cm map size; browned throughout, slightly creased o/w vg cond.

Small map of Corsica with title within the image, on text page with German text, from ?Cosmographia?.

Munster was a German cosmographer, humanist, theologian and scholar. He studied mathematics, geography, cosmography and astronomy as well as Greek and Hebrew. He became professor of Hebrew at the University of Basle in 1529 where he married the widow of his printer Adam Petri. He is best known for his edition of Ptolemy and the accompanying maps. His ?Cosmogtaphia Universalis contained 500 woodcut engravings and 24 double page maps.

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