America - Pagitt

America - Pagitt

Product no.: 2904

Pagitt, Ephraim: America: America anno Domini 1492, a Christophoro Colombo ... 


copper  engraved map; overall size 17 x 19 cm.

Very rare map of the American continent. Initially part of a larger ovoid world map with scrollwork above and below, creating a round map,  this separately published map was included in Pagitt’s ‘Christianographie, or the Description . . .  of the Christian World, not subject to the Pope’, thus including both the world map as well as the American map in the same publication. Though the original world map was first  published by an unknown engraver and map maker in c1600, Pagitt’s work was first published in 1635 with later editions in 1636, 1640 and 1674.

All place names are in Latin, with additional names of ‘New England’, ‘Holanders (Brasil)’ and ‘Davis Straits’. - Part of the scrollwork to the original world map are visible; a ship and several sea monsters are in the sea.

 fold as issued; indistinctive plate marks; left edge frayed; evenly toned; lower marginal tear; top margin paper weakness; on verso: old paper hinges; o/w vg cond.

[ref: 2904 ] 

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