Lingerie designs - set of 6.

Lingerie designs - set of 6.

Product no.: 3084

Lingerie. A set of 6 original Lingerie Designs. 


in pen,ink and watercolour on artist's board. Frame size 48 x 30 cm, design size 33 x 15 cm.

Each drawing is mounted with a blue-ish - grey acid-free mount with one darker blue-grey line in a metallic-grey wooden frame the frame has small intended indentations.

These charming designs were done for the American based 'Shadowline' company which operated from 1946 to 2009 when it was bought by another company. The brand was known for its high quality and fine finish but, eventually, couldn’t compete with the low prices offered by the chain stores and cheap production.

However, it seems that the grandson has resurrected the company with its original emphasis on quality rather than quantity. 

The designs shown here are original ink and watercolour drawings, used for seasonal catalogues and advertising from 1960 – 80.

It is very unusual to find depictions or, indeed, original designs for underwear which makes these drawings even more desirable and sought after. They will look great in a powder room, dressing room or bath room.
[ref: 3084 ] 

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