China - Shanghai - Osaka Asahi Shimbun

China - Shanghai - Osaka Asahi Shimbun

Product no.: 3179

Osaka Asahi Shimbun: Shanghai  

Osaka, 1932 

colour printed map; overall size 54 x 77 cm. Folds as issued; additional folds; some paper imperfection within image; o/w vg cond.

A detailed map of Shanghai showing many street names in English with a panoramic view of the Bund, a mile-long stretch of waterfront promenade along the Huangpu River. To the west of this stretch stand 52 buildings of various architectural styles, including Gothic, Baroque, and neoclassical styles. It is often referred to as "the museum of buildings".

This map was made before the start of the second Sino-Japanese war and World War II. Printed in the 7th year of Emperor Hirohito's reign, it depicts downtown Shanghai including the Chinese Quarter, the French Concession, the English Quarter (along the Bund) etc. Important buildings along the Bund are carefully noted, including the first HSBC Bank, the British Club, the Peace Hotel and the Customs House. The Huangpu River, which runs through Shanghai is beautifully coloured in blue. Many of the street names around the French Concession district are shown in their original French names. 

There is also am impressive panoramic photo of the Bund in the lower left quadrant. A small inset detail map of Nanjing is set in the lower right quadrant of the map. Another larger inset illustrates the greater Shanghai region. 

The map was published by one of Japan's oldest and largest national daily newspapers, the Asahi Shimbun, which began publication in Osaka on 25 January 1879 as a small-print, four-page illustrated paper that sold for one sen (a hundredth of a yen) a copy, and had a circulation of approximately 3,000 copies.

Ref: 3179 

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