Scene de Genre - Mezzotint - 'Practice makes Perfect' - Goode

Scene de Genre - Mezzotint - 'Practice makes Perfect' - Goode

Product no.: 3189

Rare mezzotint of a barber’s workshop. 

Goode, T.S. Mezzotint - Scene de genre ‘Practice makes Perfect’. 

R.Bowyer & M.Parkes London 1820 

mezzotint; overall size 36 x 24,5 cm, image size 30,5 x 24 cm. small left and right margins; o/w exc. cond.

After a painting by T.S. Goode and engraved by W.Morrison, the print shows a boy sharpening a knife on a strip of leather. He is possibly a barber’s apprentice as there are hair clippers and knives on the table as well as wigs. The print gives a glimpse into an early 19th century workshop with all its paraphernalia. Beautifully executed and with great detail produced mezzotint. Please note that this print is a proof which adds to its rarity.

Mezzotints are made from an engraved copper or steel plate, the surface of which has been scraped and polished to give areas of shade and light respectively. The technique was much used in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries for the reproduction of paintings.  
The bulk of Goodes' work was executed to be printed and illustrated .

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