Allegory - 5 Senses - Moncornet

Allegory - 5 Senses - Moncornet

Product no.: 3192

A rare set of the Five Senses. 

Moncornet, Balthasar:  The Five Senses. Le Goust./ L’Odorat./ L’Attouchement./ Le Veue./ L’Ouye. 

Paris c1657 

copper engravings with old hand coluring; each measuring: overall size 17 x 12 cm; plate size 16 x 11,5 cm. oval: 14 x 11 cm. Paper slightly toned; some smudges; on verso old paper hinges; o/w exc. cond.

A set of five plates interpreting the five senses through female personages. Each print depicts a charming, fashionably dressed woman with characteristic attributes: ‘Taste’ shows a young woman eating an apple, with fruit pickers in the background; ‘Smell’ shows a lady smelling a rose; ‘Touch’ shows a girl with a bird on her wrist; ‘Sight’ shows a lady looking through a telescope; ‘Hearing’ shows a girl charming a stag by playing a small guitar.

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