Atlantic Ocean - Desnos

Atlantic Ocean - Desnos

Product no.: 3442

Desnos:  Carte Reduite de l’Ocean Occidental,...

Paris 1761

coper engraved map with recent hand colouring; overall 44,5 x 63 cm, plate 40 x 55,5 cm. fold as issued but flattened; some add. creases in the corners, some marginal tears but not affecting image; top right corner missing but not affecting image;some faint creases;  o/w vg cond.

A very decorative map of the Atlantic Ocean with the coastlines of Europe, Africa and the Americas, with a wind rose in the centre and a highly decorative border surrounding the map. from: Claude Buy de Mornas’  ‘Atlas Methodique et Elementaire de Geographie et l'Histoire’.    

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