Hungary - Raggio

Hungary - Raggio

Product no.: 3564

Raggio,  Antonio F: Hungria (2sheets)


orig. watercolour, overall 33 x 22 cm. exc. cond. verso blank

This original manuscript map is part of a series of superbly detailed  maps, prepared by a Senor Antonio F Raggio for the International Philatelic Exhibition held in Buenos Aires,Argentina, in 1939. This was the 11th Congress of the Universal Postal Union. He received a ‘Mencion de Estimulo’ for his work, although it is not clear whether it was for the artwork, or the stamps which clearly accompanied it. The artist even produced maps for countries like Andorra, which rarely get separate attention in atlases.

The map is very detailed with  intricate decoration, and is accompanied by an explanatory text sheet, decorated with a locomotive.   

[ref: 3564]

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