China - Hong Kong - Liebig

China - Hong Kong - Liebig

Product no.: 3603

Liebig: Ports D’Outre-Mer. - HongKong.

Paris  c1907

chromolithographed trading card, overall 7 x 11 cm. Vg cond.

A charming view of Hong Kong, with an inset of a street scene, published by the Liebig Meat Extract company, with explanatory text in French on verso.

The German chemist Justus von Liebig was the inventor of a meat extracting process which made it possible to concentrate  nutrients and flavours found in meat, and preserve them in a paste or cubes. In c1850, an English company decided to start the mass production and selling ‘Liebig Fleischextrakt’ all over the World, naming it after its inventor. From c 1870 up to 1970, the company published chromolithographed tradecards of various subjects insets of six or twelve. The cards were published in various countries and languages.

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