Land of Matrimony - Bruce - Curiosity - framed

Land of Matrimony - Bruce - Curiosity - framed

Product no.: 3699

Bruce, John: A Map of Matrimony.

London c1840

steel engraved map with original hand colouring on embossed card. Overall 9 x 12 cm; image with border 8 x 11,5 cm; map 5 x 9 cm. some very slight soiling; old paper tags on verso; o/w exc. cond.

A very charming, unusual map of the elusive  land of Matrimony! From the Island of Hope, via the Province of Courtship and the Land of Promise, and a small detour to the Lake of Presents, we reach the Kingdom of Happiness which can alos be reached by using the Road to Content. There is lots more to be discovered! Very rare...the map as well as a happy marriage!

The map is printed on an embossed card with a floral border, signed ‘Dobbs’. Dobbs & Co. were a company of stationers and pencil manufacturers known for their decorative papers. Henry Dobbs was the first to recognise the commercial potential of decoratively embossed papers. - Embossing is the process of pressing paper into a die with a pre-cut design.

A wonderful wedding or anniversary present!

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