Shell 2

Shell 2

Product no.: 3727

Gualtieri, Niccolo (1688-1744) Shells Shells 2

Florence 1742

copper engraved print with recent hand colouring; overall 42 x 31 cm, image 23 x 36 cm. Printing on verso. exc. cond.

Beautifully engraved and coloured print of a coral! From Gualtieri’s work ‘Index Testarum Conchyliorum, quae adservantur in Museo Nicolai Gualtieri’ (translation:’List of the shells of shellfish which are preserved in the Museum of Niccolò Gualtieri’). 

Gualtieri was an Italian medical doctor and a professor  at the University of Pisa with a great interest in shells and corals. Together with Giuseppe Menabuoni (1708-1745) and Antonio Pazzi (1706-1768), he created  the ‘Index’ with 110 beautifully engraved copper engravings, based on his very own collection which is now based in  Museo storia naturale di Pisa.

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