Land of Matrimony - Eaton - Curiosity - framed

Land of Matrimony - Eaton - Curiosity - framed

Product no.: 3745

E.F.Eaton: Map of Matrimony: Showing Male Route to Churchford.

Suburban Art Co. Roslindale, MA. 1909

colour printed postcard. overall 9 x 14 cm. some light wear and tear; o/w vg cond. Blank on verso.

A very interesting and informative map of the Male Route to Churchford in the Bay of Matrimony, travelling between Introduction Cliffs and Luckless Islands, past past Shy Point, Florist Bill, Kiss Me Quick, Engagement City, Trousseau and Oblivion. The traveller has to take great care to avoid Wrecks and Jilt Rocks before finally arriving at his destination of Churchford. The journey appears to be quite hazardous but is full of the experts say!

Makes a lovely Engagement or Wedding present!   

[ref: 3745] £300 

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