World - Mercator's Projection - Jannot - Pictorial Map

World - Mercator's Projection - Jannot - Pictorial Map

Product no.: 3760

Jannot, J.B.: Le Tour du Monde en 120 Images Grand Concours du Chocolat Menier.

Agence Francaise de Propagande Paris 1956

colour printed map, separately published; overall 75 x 111 cm. folds as issued; some tiny holes in cross folds; o/e exc. cond.

A most stunning promotional World map published for the French chocolate company Menier, centred on the Pacific and outlining a route across the globe, starting and finishing in Paris.  Below the map is a table to stick on 120 coupons which could be found in selected bars of chocolate. Once completed and having solved three  ‘enigme’ along the route, one was supposed to sent off the completed table to Menier, resulting in most maps missing the lower part.

Jannot aka Jan-Loup was an artist and illustrator a French magazine from the 1950s to the early 1960s, and he also designed scarves for the fashion house Hérmes.

The Menier Chocolate company was founded by Jean Antoine Brutus Menier in 1816. Though not trained as a pharmacist, he sold a variety of different powders for medicinal purposes and used chocolate as an ingredient to make the medicine more palatable. In 1836,  Menier was the first company to introduce blocks of chocolate, covered in greenish-yellow wrapper which became iconic for the brand. And in 1893, the company started a poster advertising campaign, created by Firmin Bouisset, showing a little girl writing the name ‘Chocolat Menier’ on a wall with a piece of chocolate. The company is still going strong though the Menier family withdrew from management in 1959.   

 [ref: 3760] £1,250 

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