Gleneagles - St. Andrew's - Golfing - Johnston - folding map

Gleneagles - St. Andrew's - Golfing - Johnston - folding map

Product no.: 3781

W. & A K Johnston Scotland The Gleneagles Map of the Heart of Scotland


Colour lithographic pictographic / pictorial map mounted on linen, 84 x 114 cm folding into cloth-covered boards 23 x 15 cm with full size decorative colour label. Light wear to covers, map in very good condition. 

A most decorative map, striking in its simplicity and detail, showing Gleneagles with its golf courses and hotel at the centre of a map presented in an oval with decorative border and logo of the London Midland & Scottish Railway Company and Gleneagles at the corners. Small pictographs depict many buildings (from Balmoral Castle in the north to Peebles hotel and hydro in the south), bridges and shipping. There is a small inset map at right of the LM&S system within a decorative thistle border. Scale of the main map is 10 miles to 2 1/2 inches. Text at lower left of the map reads "constructed and printed by W. & A.K. Johnston, Ltd., Edinburgh"; at lower right: "McCorquodale & Co., Ltd., Glasgow.".    

[ref: 3781] £450 

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