World - Double Hemispheres - Curiosity - Game - Wallis


World - Double Hemispheres - Curiosity - Game - Wallis

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Wallis, Edward (c.1787–1868):   Wallis’s New Game, exhibiting a Voyage round The World.

E.Wallis, 42 Skinner Street, and 12 High Street, Islington London c1820

copper engraved map with original colour, pasted onto linen in 10 segments. overall 40 x 61 cm, segment 20 x 12 cm. paper slightly toned; some light soiling; pin holes in all four corners; 2 paper slips pasted on verso. No slipcase.

Decorative double hemispherical board game of a voyage around the World, starting in the British Isles (the earliest number is 6 in Dublin) and finishing in London (no. 120). The race crosses over to Europe, then around West and South Africa, North Africa and Arabia, across Persia and Russia, via India, South East Asia, Australia with Van Diemens Island and Port Jackson as stops, New Guinea, China, Japan, Kamschatka, Arctic Highlands, Canada. Onto North, Central and South America, crossing over to New Zealand, passing various islands in the Pacific, before crossing over to the Sandwich Islands, passing the Canary Islands and Azores and ending up in London.

The hemispheres are surrounded by five further hemispheres: 'Geographical Circles,' 'Zones, ' 'Parallels of Latitude,' 'Meridians,' and an 'Explanation of Geographical Characters.'

Wallis first published similar games in 1796 but with new discoveries, the boards were being updated and refined. He was the son of John Wallis, the earliest and leading English game-maker; as the oldest son, he stood to inherit the family business.

NB: it is very rare to find early board games that mention Australia!

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