Game - Game of the Goose - Perego


Game - Game of the Goose - Perego

Product no.: 3938

Perego, Ditta L.:  Giuco dell’Oca Geografica.

Milano 1910

colour printed lithograph. image 48 x 30 cm. folds, 3 marginal tears repaired with archival tears but not affecting image; o/w vg cond.

A separately published and rare board game for a ‘goose game’, designed to teach Italian geography.

The Game of the Goose is a race game wherein players move their pieces according to the dice and the goal is to get to the end first. Some sections are labeled with instructions to move forward or backward, while landing on a “goose” section gives the player another roll or spin. In this particular game, when arriving at the squares 6, 26 and 37, one advances by as many squares as in the preceding throw. After arriving at square 13, shipwreck, the player has to wait there until another player arrives. At 20 one has to miss a turn, at 30 one moves straight to Trieste at 42, and at 33, one has to go back to the start position.

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