Celestials - Astronomy - Librairie de W. Nitzschke à Hall


Celestials - Astronomy - Librairie de W. Nitzschke à Hall

Product no.: 3946

Librairie de W. Nitzschke à Hall, Würrtemberg:  Astronomie populaire en tableaux transparents.

Kiessling & Comp. Brussels 1862

12 plates; steel engraved with original colour; some with cut-outs and transparent paper. overall size each 29 x 23,5 cm. slightly browned; occ. edges slightly frayed; occ. some foxing and some browning; most leaves have punctures holes in either corner, possibly from tack pins; occ. some paper loss in the corners; overall in very good cond.

A beautiful and intriguing set of 12 celestials of the moon, earth and the universe; some with cut outs and tissue paper behind; so-called ‘hold to light’ maps: when held against the light, the image come to light! This is the 1st French edition of Nitzscke’s ‘Astronomischer Bilder Atlas’ of c1856. Presented in dark blue cloth folder with ribbon ties.

It is quite rare to find all 12 plates together; occasionally, single sheets will turn up but hardly ever the entire, complete set.    

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