World - Mercator’s Projection - Folding Map - Arrowsmith


World - Mercator’s Projection - Folding Map - Arrowsmith

Product no.: 3954

Arrowsmith, John  A Chart of the World on Mercator’s Projection, Shewing the principal Ocean Steam Routes, the Submarine Telegraphs &c.

Edward Stanford London 1887

brownish-grey  cloth slipcase, 17 x 12 cm, some wear and tear, waterstained, discolouration, o/w g cond; paper title pasted on. colour printed map; folding map, 40 segments on cloth; overall 68 x 113 cm. hand written annotations in blue crayon, some slight discolouration, advertisements pasted on verso, o/w vg cond.

A huge and very detailed World map on Mercator’s Projection covering the area from Africa to Africa, with two insets of the Polar Regions in the lower part of the map, and showing the extensive steam routes and  undersea telegraph cables.

This map has been used as a personal travel log: a previous owner of this map has drawn in with blue crayon and pencil a journey that started some time in September 1887 in London. It continued  via Ireland, passing Newfoundland, New England and New York by ship and then crossed Canada and the USA possibly by coach before getting back on a ship in San Francisco, crossing the Pacific and arriving in Yokohama on 28th May, 1888. From there, the journey continued to Korea, Peking, Shanghai, HongKong, Tonquin, Saigon, Bangkok and the Malay Peninsula before finishing in Manila; unfortunately, no date is given for the finish of this epic journey.
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